This year we celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

During this time, the most important thing has always been professionalism and personalized attention to our patients, always offering them the best possible result.

Our team is wonderful.

Highly qualified professionals trained in the different dental specialties, and with a great personality to know how to treat each patient in the best way.

And for more than 15 years now, the addition of our son and daughter to the team has been an incredible success. They have provided the necessary renewal and energy, updating techniques, materials…, and will be a vital piece in the future of the clinic.

We are very proud of the work carried out during these 40 years.

Thanks to the magnificent team, with our daughter and son at the forefront, we are also guaranteed that our philosophy will continue, where the first thing has always been the quality of the treatments and the health of our patients.

Thank you for your support and esteem past, present and future.

Affectionate greetings.

Dr. Julián López Jiménez

Dra. Mª José Giménez Prats

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