The XI Congress was held from 8 to 11 November 2013 in Palma de Mallorca XI Congress of Odontology for Patients with Disabilities and Special Patients.

Pictured in the following photos (from left to right, top to bottom):

Dr Julián López and Dr Ana López with the new Board of the Spanish Society of Odontology for Patients with Disabilities and Special Needs Patients (SEOME/Sociedad Española de Odontología para el Minusválido y Pacientes Especiales).

The SEOEME Congress gala dinner (Dr Julián López, Dr María José Giménez, Dr and Mrs. Machuca, Dr and Mrs. Cutando, and Dr and Mr. Benasar).

Some of the speakers at the Congress of the SEOEME.

Representatives from the four Barcelona hospitals that treat Special Needs Patients, at the Mallorca SEOEME Congress (Sant Joan de Déu, Niño Dios, Hospital de Nens and San Rafael).

Dr Julián López Giménez, Dr María José Giménez, Dr Ana López Giménez and Dr Ana Veloso, each presented on behalf of our clinic at the Congress.

Congreso de la SEOEME en Mallorca

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