SEOENE Congress

On October 27-28, 2023, the XVI SEOENE (Sociedad Española de Odontoestomatología para Pacientes con Necesidades Especiales) Congress took place in Murcia, in which some of our colleagues participated. [...]

SEOENE Congress2024-03-04T17:36:27+01:00

Internal learning

Like so many other Thursdays, we held an internal training session in our clinic. On this occasion, the prosthetic team participated in a refresher session in digital dentistry taught by Dr. Julián López. [...]

Internal learning2023-10-28T19:16:06+02:00

Editorial presentation

The Normon Dental division presented in the Auditorium of the University of Seville the 4th edition of the book “Tratamiento odontológico en pacientes frágiles y con necesidades especiales” (Dental treatment in fragile patients and with [...]

Editorial presentation2023-10-28T19:11:18+02:00

Individualized treatment

We all need individualized dental treatment and that is why we always offer in our clinic different ways to obtain a healthy smile. Many patients who go to the dentist are phobic or have an [...]

Individualized treatment2023-10-28T19:09:08+02:00

Christmas dinner

Like every December, the clinic team enjoyed a nice and fun Christmas dinner. Do you want to make an appointment? Request an [...]

Christmas dinner2023-01-08T15:06:01+01:00

We celebrate 40 years together

This year we celebrate our 40th Anniversary. During this time, the most important thing has always been professionalism and personalized attention to our patients, always offering them the best possible result. Our team is wonderful. [...]

We celebrate 40 years together2022-10-22T14:34:24+02:00
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