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Facial Aesthetics

As there do not exist two identical facial and dental rejuvenation treatments, do, please, consult our specialists for an accurate evaluation of your case and let them recommend the best aesthetic solution to suit your needs.

Vistabel ® (Botox)

It is a natural and highly purified protein which relaxes facial muscles and will correct or smooth wrinkles in forehead and brow, as well as crows feet, and restore facial brightness.

It is a guaranteed treatment which does not demand allergy testing.

In the United States it has been used for years now with outstanding results.

The dose we provide is very low and does not accumulate in the course of time because kidneys eliminate it.

Results are visible between the third and seventh day as facial expression relaxes.

The treatment is applied every six months.

Facial filler treatments: Lips and wrinkles (Hyaluronic acid)

Hyarulonic acid retains water, has antioxidant effects and it is a natural component in our body.

It is the best treatment for most wrinkles in the lower face and in order to make lips fuller.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid are completely reversible and allow a remoisturizing of your skin to maintain its volume, smoothness, flexibility and firmness which are needed to give your face a more youthful appearence.

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